Artist - Veronique Branger


Portrait Vero

Born in Paris, France, Veronique is an accomplished muralist and painter.   She studied at the National School of Fine Art in Lyon, France and continued her artistic education in San Francisco, California when she moved to the United States.

At the age of 19, she was on of the co-founders and active members of "City of Creation" in Lyon,  which became an internationally acclaimed and widely published mural enterprise with art work in the public and private sector. Through City of Creation, Veronique worked in collaboration with Architects and City Planners as a graphic painter and project designer, realizing more than 40 large scale murals in France, Spain, and Mexico.

Inspired by the success of this group endeavor, Veronique continued to create and paint her own murals in the United States, in Florida and California, where she showcased her creative talent in some of the most noteworthy residences and public venues. Selected clients include the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco and Rancho Mirage; private country clubs, The Reserve and Big Horn in Palm Desert; Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage and PGA West in La Quinta.

Parallel to her public work, Veronique's expertise and personal style through watercolor and acrylic painting's has evolved and matured, revealing a greater depth of passion and sensitivity to the world around her. Subject matter range from plein air landscapes and urban scenes to models, both personal and spontaneous, to studies in workshop environments. Her personal paintings are in private collections throughout the United States.

"I like the spontaneous approach of the watercolor medium and experience the same "in-the-moment" exhilaration when I work on a watercolor plein air painting or an outdoor mural".

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